We find the people you need, stand in for them when they’re not there,
and help you take care of them when they are. 

Train. Strategize. Organize.


here are many HR and Leadership competencies that our consulting team can provide to your business. While we are not each experts in all areas, our collective talent base ensures that we can support you in each of the functional areas of HR.

Many of our client projects call for an interim or project leader to provide high-level support to the organizational goals of our client’s businesses. To do this, we draw on our experience, knowledge and talent in a variety of different areas.

HRSI provides Interim Executive Director support for organizations in times of transition, and often also leads the search process in partnership with the board and staff leadership.

HRSI leaders take tailored, hands on approach to organizational development. Working to design and execute organization wide efforts to increase overall health, effectiveness, and response to changes in the external environment.

HRSI prides itself on being a different kind of search partner.  We offer customized search solutions dependent on client need and budget considerations.

HRSI leads and facilitates strategic and business planning for many of our non-profit clients. We go beyond the typical 3-5 year plan.  Our consultants work across the organization with board, staff, and stakeholders.

For many of our clients, having on-going access to an HR Executive with the skills, experience, and knowledge to help them achieve their business objectives is imperative.

HRSI provides highly tailored and experiential training and facilitation for boards, management, and employee teams in a wide variety of areas. We’re commitment to data based experiential and adult learning models, and aligning business goals with training outcomes.