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Interim Leadership

HRSI provides Interim Executive Director support for organizations in times of transition, & often also leads the search process in partnership with the board & staff leadership.

Interim Assignments We Have Served

This unique combined approach can be the most efficient, effective way to identify the ideal candidate to fill the position. Interim Directors have a unique role to play in non-profit organizations, supporting and stabilizing the organization while helping ensure they are set up to be successful. 

HRSI provides Interim Executive Director support for organizations in times of transition.  We have worked across a wide variety of issues in Early Learning, Education, Arts, Economic Development, Foster Care, Immigrant and Refugee Communities, and Parent Education and Support.

SIFF (2016)

Child Care Aware of Washington (2014-2015)

Pacific Bonsai Museum (2013 – 2014)

Vietnamese Friendship Association (2014)

Facing The Future (2013-2014)

Springwire (formerly Community Voice Mail) (2013)

Hutch Kids (2012-2013)

Hilltop Children’s Center (2012-2013)

College Access Now (2011-2012)

Ventures (formerly Washington C.A.S.H.) (2010-2011)

Partners For Our Children (2009-2010)

PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) (2009)

Child Care Resources (2008-2009)

Plymouth Housing (2008)

Organizational Development

HRSI leaders take tailored, hands on approach to organizational development.

We work with senior leadership teams to design and execute organization wide efforts that increase overall health, effectiveness, and respond to changes in the external environment. Our approach is rooted in experience and current research in behavioral science.

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Life Cycle Assessment

  • Individual & Team Performance Management

  • Culture Building

  • Coaching

Human Resources

For many of our clients, having on-going access to an HR Executive with the skills, experience and knowledge to help them achieve their business objectives is imperative.

  • “As a business with 50 employees, we need the expertise of an HR pro, but I don’t have the headcount or budget to hire someone full-time at this point in my business cycle.”

We work to understand your business and how your people can be the most effective and productive to help you achieve your bottom-line results. We can do this type of work on a part-time, retainer, or as-needed basis to provide the highest level of skill at a very reasonable price to our smaller clients.

  • “The employment market seems to move so quickly; how do I know that I am putting together a competitive compensation package, stock plan and benefits that will help me hire and retain top talent?”

It is our job to keep our finger on the pulse of changes in the workforce. Our work with a variety of clients and our connections across many industries allows us to perform real-time benchmarking on key jobs and help build competitive packages that are critical to finding and keeping great people for your business.

Recruiting & Executive Search

HRSI works closely with our clients to build proactive workforce plans that help determine when to hire for specific roles.

  • “As our business grows, how and at what point do we know what type of positions to fill?”

We also help build a strategy to recruit the very best talent for each position on your team. Our goal in building your business is helping you strategically recruit and identify those individuals who are not in the job market — we work together with your team to help raise the profile of your company and introduce you to the best people for your critical openings. We can also assist you in developing recruiting as an ongoing core competency of your organization.

  • “We’re having a hard time finding the right candidates for critical positions. Where are all the good candidates? How do we make a competitive offer?”

While current market conditions have affected the decisions that candidates make, we are uniquely positioned to advise our clients regarding the structure and content of a winning offer to a candidate or the retention plan for their existing team.

  • “We know employee retention is critical for the success of our business. What are some of the more innovative and effective ways that organizations invest in their employees to keep them engaged and motivated to stay and grow with our business?”

In today’s challenging labor market, employees need to continue to be “recruited” long after they start working for your business. HRSI has tools to help you find and keep the talent you’ve worked hard to develop.

Hourly Recruiting & Executive Search Services

HRSI prides itself on being a different kind of search partner.  Small non-profits and mission driven organizations often don’t have in-house Human Resources staff with search expertise and leadership.

Program staff often don’t have the bandwidth to manage a proactive and thorough search process.  Yet traditional search firms are often cost prohibitive, charging a hefty fee for a rigid process that does not account for specific organizational needs. 

HRSI fills this gap by offering customized search solutions dependent on client need and budget considerations.  We are happy to offer a soup to nuts search process that includes:

  • Creation of a detailed sourcing strategy and search process timeline; management of that timeline throughout to keep project on track.

  • Full intake with board, staff, and other stakeholders to determine key attributes of a successful hire.

  • Production of a comprehensive position description and all supportive marketing materials.

  • Comprehensive sourcing strategy that includes:

  • Posting the position

  • Creating extensive candidate target lists that draw on the HRSI network, as well as the deep network of local non-profit leaders and practitioners

  • Providing a proactive outreach to engage a diverse pool of passive candidates.

  • Resume review and management all communications with candidates.

  • Thorough and rigorous interview notes detailing the strengths and potential weaknesses of candidates.

  • Partnering with hiring managers to plan and facilitate effective on-site interviews.  Create interview questions and guides for staff and board interviewers.

  • Thorough and detailed reference checks.

  • Offer delivery and negotiation.

  • Continuous communication of status with all candidates and prospects throughout the process.

Strategic & Business Planning

HRSI leads and facilitates strategic and business planning for many of our non-profit clients. We go beyond the typical 3-5 year plan.

Our consultants work across the organization with board, staff, and stakeholders to:

  • Identify Issues

  • Set Priorities

  • Focus Energy & Resources

  • Build Forecasts & Financial Models

  • Strengthen Operations

  • Insure That All Stakeholders Are Working Toward Common Goals

Our plans are practical and adaptable.  We work to establish agreement around intended outcomes as well as to assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.  We establish a clear plan that identifies where your organization is going and the specific actions needed to get you there.  Then we define the success of that plan so you know when you’ve arrived.

We believe this is a dynamic process that includes rapid ideation with current models and best practices in strategic thinking.

We have rendered this service successfully for 17 non-profit clients including:  Outdoor Recreation, Early Learning, Homeless Services, Youth Services, and Philanthropy Development, just to name a few. 

Facilitation & Training

HRSI provides highly tailored and experiential training and facilitation for boards, management, and employee teams in a wide variety of areas.

With an intentional commitment to data based experiential and adult learning models, we work to align business goals with training outcomes. We create internal mechanisms and metrics for continuing, to drive results through the organization.

HRSI has extensive background in training program development in the following areas:

  • Board Governance & Development

  • Operational Capacity (finance, budgeting, human resources, programmatic analysis, organizational development)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Retreat Planning

  • Fundraising Strategy & Fund Development

  • Executive Leadership Transitions (identification, interim executive placement & executive search)

  • Performance Management Strategies

  • Effective Team & Individual Communication Strategies

  • Emotional Intelligence Based Team Building

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our approach is experiential and tailored to individual organizational culture and identified outcomes. We base our training content on current theories in business management and human dynamics, and we utilize research-based theories of effective adult learning to inform our training methodologies. We strive to work in small groups that offer dynamic activities and valuable tools for integration into the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative and cost-effective training strategies for maximizing the potential of the organization and each component of it.

While HRSI consultants are the primary providers of training curriculum, we occasionally pull in highly capable and respected partners in the community such as Teams and Leaders, Mithras Consulting, Wide Angle Coaching and Non-Profit Works.

Executive Coaching

HRSI provides real time Executive Coaching as a stand-alone retainer based service or as an add-on to existing human resources or organizational development initiatives.


HRSI establishes, enhances, and refines nonprofit capacity through executive and team coaching

We have an extensive background in coaching and strive to authenticallyidentify core problems/symptoms that prevent an organization from achieving its goals.  Then we lead thoughtful, outcome-oriented discussion on how to move forward to address these issues.

We drive organizations to commit to a leadership/team coaching module that identifies the core strengths of a group, creates a common language of leadership, and develops a unified team dynamic.

We utilize timelines, project plans, and milestones to facilitate learning and support change initiatives. Creating these systems and infrastructure allows the process to be spidered throughout the organization.

Board of Directors Support

We offer a range of support services for Boards of Directors of both non-profit and for-profit businesses. 

Our unique experiences serving on boards and in leadership roles allow us to provide coaching and guidance to Boards.  In this capacity we deliver valuable and actionable feedback for leaders, and we can provide valuable benchmarking information about compensation packages (including base and variable pay).  

HRSI can also support the evaluation of board engagement, governance, and structure. 

We have helped design effective board development and recruiting processes, facilitated retreats, and provided individual coaching to board leaders. 

We know that effective organizations have strong external leadership and guidance provided by their Boards, and we are committed to building board capacity and strength with our clients.

CEO & Executive Director Reviews

HRSI is pleased to support our Board of Director clients in one of their most important governance roles.

The review of a CEO or Executive Director of any organization- whether a for-profit business or a non-profit- is the responsibility of the Board.   It can be difficult for a Board Chair or executive committee to gather the necessary input and examples that provide a holistic picture of the leader’s performance.

Our team has both the leadership experience as well as the background in designing and facilitating 360 reviews.  These may include surveys, interviews, and other input gathering to paint a full picture of an executive’s performance.  We also have access to salary survey data and comparable industry information, which help build and maintain competitive compensation packages.  Recognizing and rewarding strong leadership performance is a universal goal for all industries.

We collaboratively build the trust and confidence of both the Board and the Executive under review to ensure that the entire process is valuable, helping improve performance for the leader and give direction for the future.