Our Story

Founded in 2000, HRSI began with a clear and simple goal: Support our clients
in the development of their teams, 
enabling leaders & boards to focus
on the most vital resources— their employees.


e all come to HRSI with extensive “in house” experience working in HR capacities, and have served in managerial roles with multiple companies in diverse industries. With an average of over 20 years experience our consultants have worked within  entrepreneurial, start-up, non-profit and Fortune 500 companies, and we each bring a unique set of offerings that can address a broad spectrum of need and culture.

We are efficient.  We are impactful.

Our work leaves a lasting legacy of strong leaders, best business practices, and expanded organizational capacity.

What makes us special, as reflected by our clients, is the flexibility of our firm.  We are a small team and we like it that way.  It allows us to stay agile and respond to the unique needs of the organizations we serve, as well as the evolving demands of the industry.