recruitment, non-profit, headhunter, recruiter, succession planning, hr consultant, executive coaching


recruitment, non-profit, headhunter, recruiter, succession planning, hr consultant, executive coaching

Human Solutions

HR Strategies International is a specialized team of leadership professionals with expertise and front-line experience in human resources.

We all come to HRSI with extensive experience working “in house” in HR functions and have held other managerial roles within a wide variety of companies and industries. We have, on average, over 20 years of experience helping build and develop exciting businesses and supporting their growth.
We're committed to giving back to our community. Our team completes regular projects supporting organizations we care deeply about. In addition to serving on multiple non-profit boards, teaching at Antioch and projects through Social Venture Partners, we invest our time and experience offering pro-bono services to non-profits in need as often as we are able.
Founded in 2000, HRSI began with a clear and simple goal: Supporting our clients in the development of their teams, enabling leaders and board to focus on the most vital resources to ensure success — their employees.

What makes us special.

What makes us special, as reflected by our clients, is the flexibility of our firm.  We are a small team and we like it that way.  It allows us to stay agile and respond to the unique needs of the organizations we serve, as well as the evolving demands of the industry.

We are efficient.  We are impactful.  Our work leaves a lasting legacy of strong leaders, best business practices and expanded organizational capacity.

We have you covered.

There are many HR and Leadership competencies that our consulting team can provide to your business. While we are not each experts in all areas, our collective talent base ensures that we can support you in each of the functional areas of HR.

Many of our client projects call for an interim or project leader to provide high-level support to the organizational goals of our client’s businesses. To do this, we draw on our experience, knowledge, and talent in a variety of different areas.

We Cover A Lot Of Ground

Interim Leadership

HRSI provides Interim Executive Director support for organizations in times of transition, and often also leads the search process in partnership with the board and staff leadership.

Organizational Development

HRSI leaders take tailored, hands on approach to organizational development. We work with senior leadership teams to design and execute organization wide efforts to increase overall health, effectiveness, and response to changes in the external environment.

Human Resources

For many of our clients, having on-going access to an HR Executive with the skills, experience, and knowledge to help them achieve their business objectives is imperative.

Facilitation & Training

HRSI provides highly tailored and experiential training and facilitation for boards, management, and employee teams in a wide variety of areas. With an intentional commitment to data based experiential and adult learning models, we work to align business goals with training outcomes.

Recruiting & Executive Search

HRSI prides itself on being a different kind of search partner.  We offer customized search solutions dependent on client need and budget considerations.

Strategic & Business Planning

HRSI leads and facilitates strategic and business planning for many of our non-profit clients. We go beyond the typical 3-5 year plan.  Our consultants work across the organization with board, staff, and stakeholders.

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We work with early stage start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses (10 – 250 employees), where we leverage a unique set of HR skills.  We often serve as a part-time or project-based HR team to support business growth and development.  Our leadership background, experience, and commitment position HRSI to meet a broad spectrum of client needs.


We are proud of our work as Interim Executive Directors, supporting our clients in times of transition. We frequently lead the search process, in partnership with the board and staff leadership. We also serve as consultants for recruiting and search to support your organization as you identify the ideal ED or leader for your future.

We’re proud of our

track record.

Here’s What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say About us

  • “We worked with Karen to hire two program managers this year.  We’re so pleased with the product of our work together—two people that bring exactly what we need to grow our team. But what stands out even more is the process of working with Karen.  She helped us create an ambitious timeline that we were able to stick to.  She listened carefully to understand our organizational goals, culture, and how these positions fit in.  And we had several candidates show up to in person interviews telling us how much they enjoyed and got out of talking to Karen as she did phone screens.  This is what any organization would hope to hear about the consultant acting on their behalf!”

    Director of Programs and Finance Women's Funding Alliance
  • “Christine and Karen did a fantastic job for our fledgling non-profit—they listened to what we needed, helped us craft the right job description, put together a posting that attracted far more candidates that our prior efforts, and then—best of all—did a careful and thoughtful job interviewing the candidates and narrowing the field. I have learned a lot working with you and have often marveled at the level of your insight—it really helped us land someone *much* more likely to succeed with our mission and deal well with our 3 founders than we would have gotten otherwise! I would work with them again in a heartbeat—my highest recommendation.”           

    Founder and Board Chair VITALtalk
  • "Karen demonstrated  exceptional understanding  of our business and excellent support and engagement throughout our recruiting process ~ The fact that we hired two finalists for what was expected to be one opening, sourced through you, pretty much tells the story.  We highly recommend working with Karen.”

    Director of Operations Splash
  • “One amazing thing that executive transitions provide, is the opportunity for an organization to evaluate their purpose and direction.  Our transition was the catalyst for major change. Christine was a stellar interim.  She guided the board and staff through a Real Time Strategic Planning that forced us for the first time to identify our true customer.  This realization provided clarity for the direction we needed to move. Without Christine, I don’t know if as a board we would have been able to have the hard conversations to determine what was the best course to move the mission forward. ”

    Board Vice President Springwire
  • “The impact of the work Carmen has done with Denny Mountain Media over the last two years is incredible. She has functioned as an integral part of our leadership team, providing strategic and organizational insights, advising on issues as they come up, managing improvements to all aspects of our HR process and compliance and instituting key policies, playing a key role in recruiting to the management team, connecting us with other business professionals, and coaching me personally through periods of intense change in the business. The most impressive thing to me about Carmen—even beyond the breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience—is her ability to simultaneously work in such close tandem with us on even the most minute questions of policy and still always keep a larger strategic and organizational focus and perspective. Her insights and the way she frames challenges allow us to shift up to the 10,000-foot level while still moving forward with the everyday details. We are truly lucky as an organization to consider Carmen part of our team.”

    President & CEO Denny Mountain
  • “We utilized Karen in our recruiting process from beginning to end for hiring at The Seattle Foundation.  She saved our hiring managers a ton of time in the recruiting process so that our staff could focus on the most important part of the process – the hiring decision.  Karen was professional, knowledgeable and she put forth a great slate of candidates that was hand-selected for our needs and culture.  Her interview screening notes were thorough and succinct and her observations spot on.  While we would ideally like a recruiter to be in-house, our small size and infrequent hiring precludes a dedicated resource of her expertise.”  

    Senior Vice President The Seattle Foundation
  • “Carmen D’Arcangelo at HR Strategies International was a tremendous help in getting my organization on track. They provided guidance with challenging HR issues, hiring practices, and an extensive exercise in making sure our employee policies and standards were up to date and in compliance. All while working within reasonable timeframes and on budget.” 

    Executive Director Washington Wine
  • “Karen has served as the primary contract recruiter for the Skoll Foundation for the past several years. She has helped us with searches ranging from Directors to Administrative staff and has approached each project with thoughtfulness and professionalism. She and asks very insightful questions that help us with our search strategy. The material she provides is timely and extremely helpful, and most importantly, she understands our organization.  She has helped us find candidates who will thrive in our culture and who are also highly qualified.  She is very responsive and moves quickly to coordinate with candidates and pursue the best fits.  We trust her judgement implicitly. 

    Director of HR The Skoll Foundation
  • “HRSI’s help in hiring the next CEO for LINGOs cannot be understated.  The expert assistance that Christine provided every step of the way to our board and the candidates is very much appreciated.  Your search model works extremely effectively, and makes a huge difference to NGOs that want to pay fairly for work, but can’t afford the large fee structure often demanded by the big firms.  Thank you so much for your help!”

    Board Chair LINGOs
  • “WTA had the pleasure of working with Christine for over two years.  She led retreats for both board and staff , provided guidance for our Executive Director transition, built our employee compensation program and lead our latest Strategic Planning process.  Christine provided strong leadership, superb expertise of the non-profit world, and an instinct for innovative and forward-thinking planning.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

    Executive Director Washington Trails Association
  • “Christine parachuted into a difficult and amorphous situation, and not only held down the fort while we were in transition, but mentored our staff, provided the board with insights through new data reports and made strategic decisions that moved our organization forward. She also drew upon her extensive network on behalf of our various needs. I can’t think of a better fit for what we needed at that time.” 

    Board Chair Washington C.A.S.H.
  • “As the Executive Director of a small (10 employees), yet growing non-profit, it was extremely reassuring to have a human resources partner who was responsive, knowledgeable, flexible and always professional. Carmen’s calm, easy-to-relate-to style allowed staff and Board members alike to quickly connect with her, improving communication and resulting in clear organizational values and an improved set of HR policies and procedures.” 

    Former Executive Director Zeno (formerly Explorations in Math)
  • “HR Strategies has been a very valuable part of our extended team. They have been extremely flexible in meeting our varied needs and are an ideal fit for a growing business that needs an HR partnership on a part-time/as-needed basis.” 

    Chief Financial Officer NetMotion Wireless
  • It has been a pleasure working with Karen and Christine at HRSI.  As a professional Interim Executive Director, I often lead the search project for my clients.  At The Mockingbird Society, I was able to partner with Karen to complement our work at a fraction of the cost of most search firms.  We relied on Karen to expand our candidate pool and conduct phone screenings.  Without Karen’s outreach, it was unlikely we would have engaged our successful candidate.  Karen was highly skilled and professional, and was able to focus on recruitment and keep the process moving better and faster than I would have otherwise.  We are delighted with the results of our search.

    Interim Executive Director Mockingbird Society
  • Christine was an amazing leader at a time when we needed one most. Her leadership, big picture thinking and unwavering support has established a firm foundation for the future of our organization, well into the future. She has set CCA of WA on the right path for success and we could not have had a better leader guiding us through such a critical time. I’d love to work with her again.  

    Director Team Child Care Aware
  • "As a non profit leader, HR Strategies International is the first search firm that comes to mind when I think about important hires for my organization.  Christine and Karen take on the heavy lift with professionalism and effectiveness allowing me to get back to the work I do best."  

    Executive Director Year Up Puget Sound
  • As we embarked on our search to replace our Executive Director, we were mindful to honor the culture and history of our organization. In accepting the position of Interim Director, Carmen D'Arcangelo recognized the necessity for undertaking an in-­-depth review of HCC’s programs and personnel to fully comprehend the context in which she would be working. As Interim ED, not only did she perform the broad duties of the ED, she shepherded us through the search process for finding a permanent ED. Carmen provided Hilltop with an incredible amount of support throughout the transition and expertly strategized the search activities. Through the process of the search, she inspired our Board to recognize that we had an internal candidate that embodied the qualities we were seeking in an executive director.  Based on the Board’s enthusiasm around this candidate, Carmen devised an Executive Director in Residence program to help mentor this individual to assume the ED role. Assisting in evaluating Strategic Planning consultants, serving as a sounding board throughout the Strategic Planning process, and launching the Institute at Hilltop are among the initiatives with which she assisted.

    Hilltop Children's Center